Fuel Economy Improvement

Fuel Costs Too Much To Waste It With An Inefficient System. Let G&S Help You Improve The Fuel Economy Of Your Car

Fuel is often a large part of a family’s weekly budget so it makes sense to ensure that your car is as efficient as possible so you get the most from your tank. An inefficient system burns through fuel faster and you’ll find yourself at the bowser much more often than you’d like. At G&S, our philosophy is to help you make sure your car is as fuel efficient as possible. Most modern cars have fuel injection systems which will be serviced by our qualified car fuel injection mechanics. We’ll look at the EFI, electronics, injectors, pump and cap amongst other things. Our process includes:
  • Analysis and servicing of fuel injections
  • Engine analysis
  • Reviewing lubricants, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid
  • Diagnosing the air conditioning and heating system.
Looking for suggestions on how you can improve your fuel efficiency?
  • Tyre brands with low rolling resistance help reduce fuel consumption
  • Low friction lubricants for brake fluid, engine oil and transmission fluid help reduce consumption
  • Lighter materials for parts such as crankshaft, pistons and gears also minimize consumption
  • Thin engine oil is a way to reduce fuel consumption
  • Coolant additives to increase the cooling system’s thermal efficiency could further reduce the overall fuel consumed.
Want to find out more about how G&S can help improve your cars fuel efficiency? Contact us today