Top Tips To Increase The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Car

The cost of petrol might be on the lower end right at the moment, but history tells us that it’s not likely to stay low for long so there’s no better time than right now to look at ways to improve the fuel efficiency of your car so you can have a little longer between visits to the bowser.

Today we’re sharing with you our top tips for increasing the efficiency and economy of your car so you can start saving right now.

The first step is to work out exactly what your cars rough kilometre per litre of fuel is. To do this, just fill your tank, reset your trip metre to 0 and when the tank is pretty much empty, make a note of the amount of km you’ve gotten out of the tank. Dividing one by the other will give you your km/l. Do this a few times to get a good average across your driving (factoring in the style of driving you usually do – lots of highway vs lots of town vs combination of both). By working out your km/l you can actually see the difference the changes your making are having on your fuel consumption.

Efficiency tip #1: Slow down a little

Driving above about 105 km/h means your engine has to work that little bit harder to overcome drag so try and stick below that rough number and you should notice an increase in how many km you get out of your tank. This message also includes speeding off from the lights and quick stops and starts which is a waste of petrol too!

Efficiency tip #2: Check your tyre pressure

Do this regularly! And by regularly we mean once a week, fortnight or month at the outside. If your tyre pressure is too low you’re increasing resistance against the road which increases the amount of fuel needed, costing you way more than you think.

Efficiency tip #3: Take off the roof racks and pods when you’re not using them

They add drag to your car which means the engine has to work harder to compensate. If you’re not using the roof racks every day, take them off and you’ll notice an increase in your km/l.

Efficiency tip #4: Get your car serviced regularly, including a change of air filter

It’s easy to forget about this and we’ve written before about the signs you need to get your car serviced, but it’s easy to overlook the air filter as it doesn’t usually cause obvious issues until there’s a bigger problem but if your engine has to work harder thanks to reduced air flow, it’s going to use more petrol.

Efficiency tip #5: Don’t carry more than you have to

The weight of your car has a massive impact on the efficiency. Remove those items from the boot and cabin that you don’t really need (no, we’re not talking about the spare tyre!) and you’ll notice a difference, and enjoy a tidier car too!

Efficiency tip #6: Drive with the windows up

Thanks for modern air conditioning many drivers already do this, but if you make a point of driving with the windows up you’ll decrease the drag of the car. If you’re driving a lot on the highway with the windows down this can decrease fuel economy by up to 10%.

These are just a few tips that will increase your kilometres per litre of fuel. We’ve got lots more, just ask us about it the next time you bring your car in for a service or when you come in for your free inspection and quote.